Rexnord FPS225-25◆Ο□ rolamento

Rexnord FPS225-25◆Ο□ rolamento Dimensões

Tipo de produto
Número de modelo FPS225-25◆Ο□
Marca Rexnord
Pertence FPS225
Size code 203
Shaft diameter 25.00 inch/mm
Part number FPS225-25◆Ο□Δ
Distance between bolt holes B 76.20 inch/mm
Hole size#F 8.730 inch/mm
Bolt size#F 5/16 inch/mm
Hole dia to clear bolt shank#G 12.70 inch/mm
Mounting surface to inner ring long hub face#L 22.20 inch/mm
Frame opening#V 60.30 inch/mm
Dimensions#D 29.77 inch/mm
Dimensions#E 71.00 inch/mm
Dimensions#H 2.110 inch/mm
Dimensions#K 8.70 inch/mm
Dimensions#N 95.20 inch/mm
S carriage bolt short shank 0.021 inch/mm
S carriage bolt long shank 0.115 inch/mm
Radial load rating 3,560 lbs
Approx weight 0.30 lb/kg